Cookies, Desserts

Delicious and chewy, Sugar & Spice Cookies are an instant hit. Some of my taste testers say they are the best cookie they have ever eaten. They have a perfect balance of spicy flavors that are not overwhelming to the palate. Thanks to my sister-in-law Suzy for the recipe.

For a very low-fat treat try Low-fat Almond Biscotti. Each cookie is 1 gram of fat or less, depending on how thick you slice them. You may want to make 2 batches since they seem to disappear very quickly.

Apricot Sunshine Bars are an excellent healthy treat. I first tasted these delicious treats when a fellow teacher baked them and brought them in for the rest of the staff. They were very popular.

The Almond Cookie is baked in a 10-inch springform pan and sliced into wedges. It is made from a shortbread dough with a delicious nut filling. This is another dessert in which the flavors are brought out when served warm.

This is a very good recipe for Oatmeal Cookies. I personally feel they taste best when made with margarine and not butter. They have a wonderful spicy flavor that will remind you of apple pies and cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Definitely a comfort food served with milk.

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