Breads, Scones, Coffee Cakes

For a wonderfully light and delicate treat are Raisin Scones. Very delectable fresh from the oven. Great for breakfast or teatime. Guests really appreciate them and always remember them. Serve them with tea or coffee.

If you have a bread machine, try this Date Bread for Bread Machines recipe. It is a yeast bread, not a quick bread. It is great for breakfast or as a snack.

This is an original recipe of mine from a number of years back. This Banana Bread quick bread recipe has pleased many a soul. I use very little sugar and depend on the natural sweetness of the bananas. Make sure you use pretty ripe bananas, but not too ripe. The recipe can be easily doubled and you may need to since the loaf you make will not stay around too long.

Blueberry Buckle is an excellent coffee cake to make during the summer. It is best made with FRESH blueberries. You will find that it is outstanding served warm. This recipe, provided by my mother, is often served by her at weekend card games.

Southern Style Biscuits are your basic baking powder biscuits. When making the biscuits, combine the ingredients until they are just mixed. Knead the dough only a few times and handle the dough very gently. If you follow these rules, you should have delicate and flakey biscuits. You may need to practice a bit.

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